Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The boys are in Bailey Station Beach Bum camp this week. I'm glad I didn't have to entertain them today because I’m not sure how much fun I would be. When we go to Heber we already have everything packed except for our clothes and food. I have “Heber bags” that have everything we need in them. It makes it so easy. Well, I haven’t updated them this year so this weekend while in Heber our shopping list kept growing!

I spent half the day yesterday to Wal-Mart grabbing stuff and the other half going to Bass pro and Bed, Bath, and Beyond price shopping little things. We need a cordless wet/dry vacuum, a rug to step onto the dock, and other minor things but they can add up. Yes, I’m cheap. The kids are in camp so I would rather do that than clean house. Who can blame me! So, today I made my purchases. Whether it be online or at the store then headed home to take an Epsom salt bath. No, I’m not dying today but I’m sore. I’m suppose to go back tomorrow morning but Brian’s in Murfreesboro so I don’t have anyone to watch the kids at 7 AM. Brian and I are both going to the 7 PM class tomorrow night so at least that gives my muscles a little more time to heal.

I’ve never taken an Epsom salt bath but oh my goodness! I felt like a totally different person afterwards. My muscles are nowhere near as sore as they were and I feel like I could make it to class in the morning. Not that I can go but at least I feel like I could! It worked wonders. I’m not sure if it’s mental (I am a little crazy) or if the Magnesium really worked. I really don’t care what it is. I feel GOOD and surprisingly ready for the next challenge. What’s wrong with me? I’m getting up at 6 AM, working out all of a sudden, and excited about it. I think something has taken over my body and I’m an alien. Please help……………

Monday, June 4, 2012

What was I thinking

Today at 7 AM was my first day of Crossfit. I'm not sure if you know what that is but I suggest not trying it unless you’re in somewhat good shape. It totally kicked my butt and it was only 12 minutes. Yes, you did read that right. 12 VERY LONG MINUTES!!!

It actually lasted an hour but the other part was instructional since it was our first time. The “Coach” showed us the correct way to do squats (which I can’t do), a push up, and a pull-up on rings. It was just a 15 year old kid and me doing the training and he did everything great and I of course kept messing up on the squats. The kid is the catcher for Briarcrest so he’s used to squatting but me on the other hand, not so much. We had to keep practicing because I couldn’t do it. Oops, sorry kid!

So the object was to go as fast as you can for 12 minutes. You do a 250 meter run, 8 squats, 8 ring things, and 8 push ups then do it again as many times as you can. It’s only 12 minutes right? If you completed 5 rounds that was good but 6 is great! The “Coach” told the kid not to start off too fast or he would lose momentum. He didn’t tell me this; I guess he thought I knew better. I’ll be darned if the kid didn’t do an all out sprint when he said 3, 2, 1, GO. He was gone! I ran, but not like that. I knew I couldn’t keep that pace the entire time.

Funny enough, I kept up with him the entire time except his first sprint. Did he not listen to the “Coach” about not going all out? You have 12 minutes! The kid even had to do the push ups I had to do (no I can’t do a real push up) because he was dying! He beat me by a 200 yard run. I finished the circuit 4 times and did a 50 meter run. Not bad for someone who’s not in shape and has absolutely ZERO muscles!

Later on today is another story! I’m so sore:-( I have to go back Wednesday and I’m going to get killed again……….

Brian went to the 7 PM class and totally smoked me! I knew he would. He’s in amazing shape. He finished 5 sets and was told he didn’t have to do the “fundamental training” because he already can keep up with the regular class. That’s what I was hoping for so someone could watch the kids and we wouldn’t have to take them with us. Now he can do the 6 AM class. I can meet him at the gym with the kids in the car and he can take them back home for me to do the 7 AM class. Perfect!!!

On a side note: My name was still written on the board when Brian did his “test”. There were 14 people in his class and I smoked a lot of the women and some men. There were 5 guys and 9 girls in his class plus the kid and I in ours. I was in the top of the finishers. There were only 6 people ahead of me. Whoop whoop! One of them was Brian so he doesn’t count so I’ll say I was in the top 5:-) There’s no way I could beat him at anything fitness. I swear he’s a machine!

Tomorrow, Brian’s getting up in the morning and going to the gym to lift weights. I on the other hand am praying very hard I will be able to get on and off the toilet and be able to walk in the AM. Fingers are crossed!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First of many Heber 2012

You couldn't have asked for a better day. Since we got in bed so late last night the kids slept until 8:30! I think that’s a new record. We weren’t in a hurry to get to the boat because it was about 70 degrees and overcast. We headed to the boat around 10:30 and as soon as we got there it was like God opened the sky. It was brightly sunny and HOT! Brian got the cover off the boat while the kids and I played on the dock and chatted with our “neighbors”. Everyone is so nice there. We even had one guy tell us where the key to his boat was just in case we needed anything. Not that we will get on his boat but the offer was very nice!

We rode around for awhile because the water is still pretty chilly then headed to Janssen’s for lunch. It’s the only restaurant on the lake so we had to wait a little bit for a spot at the dock. We pulled in next to a pontoon boat with older people on it. Brian and I were just waiting. We always here the same ole story when they see us on the boat. It always starts sorta like “when I was your age there’s no way I could have afforded a boat like that. You have to work hard and save money. How long have ya’ll been saving money for that thing”.

We usually just smile and say that God has really blessed us and are thankful to have it. Then they tell us about when Cobalt’s were made and they weren’t that popular but man have they changed. Brian and I always leave out the part that we SHARE the boat with two other couples. Details, details

After a late lunch we headed back to the condo for a little while so we could make it back for sunset. We also needed to get the tube from the dock.  
This is Kaleb frustrated we had to go back to the dock because Austin had to use the restroom.  Kaleb LOVES to ride this thing.
Heading out for the sunset cruise

Our chauffeur

Austin's favorite spot on the boat is right at Brian's feet.  I have no idea why!


The view while we played "I Spy"

Nothing like nights chilling on the boat to welcome the summer!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

First week of Summer is Over.....

Last night when Brian got home he told me that no one was going to Heber Springs this weekend and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I didn’t care either way because we’re going the next two weekends. We decided to ask the boys and do whatever they wanted.

As soon as the boys got up, I asked them and they immediately said yes. So the race was on! I got us a condo booked then started getting the fruit ready for our 10:00 play date. Yes, I should have cut the cantaloupe and watermelon yesterday but that would have been too easy. Luckily the boys are playing really well today. I have Evan again so we shall see what happens.

I wasn’t thinking when I bought the watermelon and grabbed the biggest one. After cutting it open I realized it had seeds. I don’t mean a little seeds, it’s like the things threw up seeds. I spent an hour trying to pick them out and finally said to heck with it. I’ll warn everyone prior to eating it and let them worry about it.

We were of coarse 30 minutes late as always but who would expect anything less. It wasn’t the kids fault this time. It was that dang watermelon! As soon as we got there, I had to go help Evan change into his swim trunks. I sat the fruit on the table and what do you know, Kaleb ate a piece of watermelon before I gave my seed warning. He screamed oh gross its rotten. Just my luck!

The boys swam (froze), checked out the chickens, and ate lunch. It was nice to hang out with my friends and sit back and relax for once.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted many pictures, it’s because I left my camera at my parents on Saturday. I have my phone but they usually turn out with creepy eyes when I use it. Since were heading to Heber later today I decided to go get the camera. While heading back to town from Rossville, I realized we left the kids goggles at Lauren’s house. Crap, now I have to go back over there because the boys have swim lessons today. Ugh, always something.

We headed to Wal-Mart next and I swear it was like a party! I saw my Bible Study teacher so she got to meet the boys, one of Kristen Lewis’s friends which I’ve met a couple of times, some kids from Austin’s preschool, and Lauren who’s house we just left. Maybe I should start hanging out at Wal-Mart if we get board this summer:-)

After racing through Wal-Mart we headed home. We had 45 minutes to spare before swim lessons so I got to pack all of the food and necessities. No clothes are packed yet but that’s the easy part. Today was the boys last swim lesson for this session. Both of the boys were moved to swim team! Who knows, ya’ll might be invited to a swim meet pretty soon. Yep, were two proud parents!

We raced home for the boys to change then headed to Shawn’s work to drop Evan off. We drove the Jeep and the boys froze to death. Its 73 outside and I guess I should have brought jackets. Evan and Austin were so cold I had to turn the heater on. I guess the Jeep wasn’t a good idea. I was burning up!

We headed home, packed, and then hit the road. Not before we ate dinner at La Hacienda first. We got to Heber at 10:00 tonight and all of us are exhausted. Good Night…………..

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Wow!  What a busy summer day.  Oh how I love summer and it's busyness but its nice to say goodnight sometimes.  Man has it been a crazy, fun, busy, fun, busy, crazy day!!!! Have I ever told you how much  I love summer:-)

We started off with a family workout at 6:10 this morning.  If you know me you already know how much I love(cough, cough) getting up in the mornings.  Yes, I was out at 6:10 AM riding my bike to the fitness park at the kids school to "workout" with my family.  We ran, did the tires, jumping jacks, lunges, pull ups, and whatever else Brian could makeup for us to do there. I had to leave first because Evan was coming over at 7:00.  I had a nice leisurely ride home by myself at 6:45!  All I could think of is holy cow its 6:45 and I'm out riding a bike.  What's wrong with me?

Evan arrived at 7:00 so I had about 5 minutes to myself to do very important things like check Groupon and Living Socal.  Yes, I have issues.  Once he got here he saw Austin's Lego Farris wheel.  I didn't think anything about it and headed to the laundry room to start a load.  It took me about 3 minutes and once back in the kitchen the entire Farris wheel was dismantled.  Yep, I knew the day was really gonna start off great.  Wow, what was I thinking? 

Brian and the boys made it back to the house about 7:15 and the first thing Austin asked Evan was if he took the Lego's apart on purpose or by accident. Of course he took the Lego's apart on purpose! Evan just gave a sneaky smile when asked.  Then Austin asked me and I told him the truth.   What was I suppose to say.  I'm not gonna lie to him.  Austin flipped out then trashed the living room like a crazy man.  I had a schedule!  Workout, get ready, be at the Farmers Market by 8:00, bring food home, be at zoo by 9:00. 

That didn't happen!  After Austin flipped out about the Lego's he threw beads in the floor.  Then had to clean them up with a lot of screaming on his part going on.  Needless to say we didn't make it to the Farmer's market until 8:30.  We saw the Bailey Station school officer there so we talked to him and got free t-shirts.  Bought strawberries, blueberries, and plums then headed home.  All of them were so excited to eat the fruit they couldn't wait.  

After eating we finally headed to the zoo.  We were 30 minutes later than my schedule and Kaleb and Evan were ready to go about 30 minutes after we got there.  What??  Kids are totally messing me up today:-)  Austin and I agreed to leave at 11:30 so we could eat lunch.  For some reason I thought there was a Chili's on Union but I was wrong.  It was Applebee's and the boys really wanted Chili's.  I had planned on taking them to the river but once I found out there was no Chili's, we headed back to Collierville.  Wow, their all so bossy!  I really wanted to see the Mississippi but I guess it is their summer. 

After lunch we went quickly home to change then head to swim lessons.  Kaleb is learning a jump dive instead of the fall dive that he always does.  He's improving everyday and I can't believe how far he's came in 2 weeks!  Austin is swimming the full length of the pool over and over and is completely exhausted by the time the 30 minutes are over.  On the other hand Evan and I went for a nice walk across St. Georges campus.  The sky was blocked by buildings so I didn't think anything about it.  We went on a nice bridge into the woods holding hands, talking, and laughing.  Next thing I know the bridge ended at a building which I was able to see the sky.  Holy Cow I can't believe I had my adorable nephew out in that weather.  It wasn't raining but lighting like crazy.  I jogged back through the woods(Evan sprinted) to the pool.  We went to my truck and I got a game plan.  I left my purse in the truck and grabbed an umbrella for Evan and I. 

The boys only had about 7 minutes left of swim lessons and it still wasn't raining.  I thought we were in the clear.  LOL!!!  Yeah right.  It started pouring about 2 minutes before we were ready to leave.  I didn't even dry the boys off when they got out of the pool.  Austin went to the car first and got lost.  I sent Kaleb next for him to help.   Evan and I were last and I got completely soaked but Evan stayed dry.  When we got to the car Kaleb was still outside saying he needed a umbrella.  Are you kidding me?  He was soaking wet......Why he thought he needed an umbrella I have no idea.  I got him in the truck then headed home.  The only dry person was Evan and he's the only person that complained he was cold.  Really?  Sounds like he should have been my child.     

Summer days like today make me happy.  I'll never forget it and smile when I think back on it.  I wouldn't change a second of it if you paid me.  I love having the boys with me.  Even though its busy, I wouldn't change it for the world!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mr. Whinny Pants!!!

It feels like our first official day of summer.  The boys spent the night with my in laws Sunday night and Monday night so I don't feel like the craziness has begun.  The boys left here around 6:30 Sunday.  Came home to swim with their cousins for a couple of hours on Monday but today at 1:00 they were officially MINE!  I was so looking forward to them coming home.  We were going to go get Kaleb some swim shorts because he doesn't have enough. He's getting to the age that he wants to pick them out.  Then head to All American Swim for new goggles and start the summer reading program at the library.

Yeah, right!!  The second Kaleb walked in the door his first question was "what fun things are we gonna do today?"  I told him my plans because swim lessons started at 2:55.  We should have plenty of time.  Then we can go to the gym and play.  He whined and said he wanted to watch T.V. instead.  Then Austin walks in the door with the exact same question.  I told him my answer and he cried hysterically.  All I could think is WELCOME SUMMER.

Why was I sooooo looking forward to this?  I absolutely love having the boys here but why oh why do they act this way?  I've got to get on a new schedule because I'm a schedule freak.  Once I get them used to it they will be okay(I hope).  I'm not looking forward to it.  I'm gonna try and stick with our normal morning routine.  Breakfast 7-7:30, shower 7:30-8, and free time 8-8:30.  Then we will head to the gym or start running errands.  That's a goal!  I'm not sure if it's gonna happen:-)  Oh, how I love my sleep!      

I would say about every 7 minutes Austin was whining about something.  I finally had to lock myself in a bedroom with the TV turned loud just to tune him out.  It was that bad.  Everything I would say he would argue, whine, cry hysterically.  I know he was acting like that because he was exhausted.  I couldn't be mad at him because it wasn't his fault.  They got in bed late two nights in a row and didn't sleep great either night.  He finally just put himself to bed!  I get so tickled when the boys do that.  You can definitely tell that there mine! 

They both did great at swim lesson but as soon as Austin was back with me he changed into his other personality.  Brian's out of town so we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and Austin wanted a table for himself.  Ha!  What a brat.  I should have stayed home and cooked him macaroni just to be mean.  He hates macaroni.  I of coarse wouldn't do that so I put up with his whiny butt the entire time and even came home and swam with them.  I always want my kids to remember that I played with them and did fun things but man, sometimes they make it so hard for me to have fun!  I was expecting so much more out of today.  My prayers tonight are that tomorrow Brian makes it home safely and Austin gets a lot of sleep tonight.   Mr. Whinny pants makes me crazy............ 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So were sitting at the table tonight painting a picture to go on Kaleb's homemade Tom Tom drum for school and Kaleb said "man I feel like I'm in the 1980's."  I asked him what he meant by that and he said he felt old.  I told him that I was one in 1980 and then he asked me if I knew a lot of dinosaurs back then?  What?  I'm not that old!!!!